What The Heck Does That Mean? (Terms)


Sometimes bakers use weird terms. It’s like we’re speaking bakenese.


Here’s a quick list of what these terms mean.




  • Levine:  A leavening agent made from a mixture of flour and water and sourdough culture.


  • Autolyse: Water and flour mixture


  • Banneton: A wicker basket used for proofing dough (Also called a proofing basket)


  • Boule: A round loaf


  • Batard: A football shaped loaf


  • Proofing: the final rise dough undergoes, which takes place after being shaped into a loaf, and before it is baked.


  • Bulk Ferment:  The first dough rising stage between mixing and dividing or shaping dough


  • Formula:  A formula is a recipe. We call it a formula because you’re basically doing chemistry. 


  • Retard:  to delay the fermentation process for a period of time. This involves reducing and maintaining the temperature of the dough in a controlled humidity and temperature environment. Usually your refrigerator will do. 


Happy Baking!  👩‍🍳